One client at a time. One house per client. One breakthrough recovery.

At The Bay we provide support for drug and alcohol addiction recovery,
medical detox, stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues,
trauma, illness recovery and other life challenges.

We offer this through:
• luxury care   • holistic approach  
• utmost privacy   • one-to-one therapy  
• intensive therapeutic treatment  

All of this is uniquely tailored to each client's individual needs.

Innovative   |   Life Changing   |   Sustainable

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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation - The Bay Retreat

Drug Rehabilitation using The Bay Approach™

Drug & alcohol rehab developed at The Bay follows a unique, wholistic rehabilitation program where we see drug or alcohol addiction as a direct response to an unmet spiritual need.

This misguided search for inner peace & for wholeness, and as a diversion from pain, is the leading cause behind drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

The Bay Approach™ to drug & alcohol rehabilitation meets this search.

We offer luxury, exclusive drug rehab which may not be for everyone. The Bay also highly recommends the following websites for drug & alcohol rehabilitation:

Wholistic Rehab - The Bay Drug Detox Approach

The Bay Approach™ to rehabilitation and drug recovery (with detoxing) is built on the therapeutic pillars of awareness, meditation and connection.

The Bay Wholistic Approach sees destructive patterns of thought and behaviour, including drug addiction, alcohol dependence & other drug dependencies, as an individual's changeable creative adaptation for survival in the face of life events.

Rather than seeing these drug or alcohol addictions as embedded for life, The Bay rehab holds the view that these adaptations can change with The Bay's Approach to private therapy, detox & rehabilitation.

Alcohol Rehab (Rehabilitation)

Alcohol addiction, and rehab treatment is highly effective with meditation as part of an wholistic rehabilitation treatment program. At The Bay we believe meditation leads you back to your true self, whereas drug & alcohol addiction take you further away.

A useful website for drug abuse information is Google Directory for Addiction > Substance Abuse.

Private and Confidential Drug Rehab

At The Bay we understand your need for a personalised and absolutely private rehabilitation service.

Drug Rehab Programs We Offer

A quality drug rehab program is the key to success for overcoming addiction. A caring environment that promotes individual growth and wellness, focusing on the strength of the client by developing self-help skills, maintaining a positive outlook and providing the support of staff, is essential to recovery.

The Bay's individual therapeutic retreats offer personalised therapies and programs, tailored specifically for your needs and set in a relaxing and supportive environment, providing a comprehensive and highly successful drug rehab program.

The Bay offers premium, One-to-One drug and alcohol rehab programs.

One-to-one Care at The Bay means:

  • A beautifully appointed private residence provided exclusively for you
  • A comprehensive drug treatment plan devised specifically for you
  • A complete therapeutic team specifically selected according to your needs
  • Presence of supportive rehab staff 24/7 and personal chef
  • Your absolute privacy and your successful outcome are our highest priorities

What sets The Bay apart in its Drug Rehab Programs?

The Bay is an exclusive, premium retreat located in Byron Bay, Australia, providing evidence-based, innovative and sustainable rehabilitation treatments for drug and alcohol addiction and psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, work related stress or trauma.

For many people, recovery and healing is an intensely personal journey, one that they may not wish to share with their peers. Your individual retreat at The Bay is focused exclusively on your recovery and transformation, in a compassionate, nurturing healing environment.

Start your journey to drug rehabilitation now.