Chi Kung and Tai Chi for Holistic Recovery – Body, Mind and Soul

Chi Kung – self-healing exercise

Chi Kung, also known as Medical Chi Kung or Qigong, is a gentle exercise art designed to improve the flow of chi, or life force, in your body. These soft, slow exercises are combined with deep breathing methods to improve circulation, metabolism, respiration and digestion. Gentle and nourishing, the exercises quietly energise the organs, balance the emotions, lower stress levels and boost the immune system. Chi Kung has been linked with change in the concentration of various neurotransmitters associated with depression, cravings and pain, and has been used effectively to treat or improve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain, arthritis and digestive upset*.

Tai Chi – meditation in motion

Tai Chi, or Taiji, is an ancient, soft-style movement art which is profoundly relaxing, soothing and nurturing. Based on principles of postural alignment and relaxation, its smooth circular forms and small stepping moves improve posture, stability, balance and co-ordination. Tai Chi is particularly effective in relieving neck, shoulder and back pain and alleviating joint problems. In Tai Chi practice, the internal focus and mindful awareness, combined with deep relaxation, helps you to become grounded and centered, and develops inner calm and stillness at the centre of all activity.

Healing trauma, chronic pain and addictions with Chi Kung and Tai Chi

A fundamental step in healing trauma is to inhabit the body more fully - to anchor the awareness in the body, release tensions and stresses, and become more embodied. Chi Kung will awaken your energy by deepening the breath, cleansing the organs, and allowing the smooth flow of energy to nourish every tissue of the body. Tai Chi will integrate the mind and body and promote a state of increased balance, inner peace and self-awareness. In your Bay treatment program, you will be expertly guided through these traditional healing systems and work at a comfortable pace to address the particular needs of your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

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* Source: Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention website ( and Complementary Therapies Primer, Prepared for the American Medical Student Association's 1995 Preconvention Conference: “Back to Tradition and Forward to the Future” by Ann Schwentker, Editor and Laura Vovan, Contributing Writer.