Byron Bay Rehab at The Bay Retreats

The Bay Retreats is located in the relaxing beach town of Byron Bay in northern New South Wales. All addiction and rehabilitation residential retreats are carried out as separate retreats in individual private houses located throughout the Byron Shire.

Wellness and Mental Health Retreats at The Bay

As with our detox and rehabilitation retreats, all therapeutic retreats at The Bay are single-client programs and are held in private individual residences in the beautiful Byron Shire.

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The Bay

PO Box 2225
Byron Bay, NSW 2481 

For all enquiries:

Call from within Australia: +61 2 6684 4240

(Fax +61 2 6684 2297)

Call our office in the United States: +1 (310) 220 0352

General Office Hours: 

Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00

AEST – Australian Eastern Standard Time (+11 hours GMT)


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