Alcohol Detox and Recovery

In many cases, frequent alcohol use can lead to strong withdrawal symptoms for people who suddenly decide to stop drinking. A common symptom of alcohol withdrawal is the Delirium Tremens, also known as “the DTs”. Effects of DTs may include shaking, shivering, seizures, anxiety, disorientation, and hallucinations.

These powerful physical symptoms can make detoxing from alcohol on your own frightening and sometimes even dangerous. At The Bay, you will be monitored and supervised by qualified medical professionals in a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment to ensure that your alcohol detox is as safe and as comfortable as it can possibly be.

Minimising and Treating the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Upon your arrival, our medical doctor will assess you and outline the necessary treatment that will allow you to have the most comfortable detoxification possible. 

All necessary medical care will come to you in your own private residence. 24-hour nursing care means that you are monitored throughout the detox phase allowing you to focus on rest and recovery.

As appropriate you will receive supportive treatments from our team of practitioners (massage therapists, acupuncturists) to help reduce any uncomfortable symptoms you may be experiencing.

10e alcohol detox and recovery

Your Own Personalised Recovery Program

Once the physical symptoms from alcohol detox subside, you can begin to transition into your customised rehabilitation program. In consultation with you, we will create a personalised program of traditional and holistic therapies to support a sustainable recovery.  

Alcohol Rehab at The Bay – Your Unique Treatment Program

With our program, you can recover in the privacy of your own residence, work with professionals who are dedicated to your rehabilitation, and learn new ways to cope with stress and cravings through meditation, yoga, and other activities that promote mindfulness and emotional resilience. 

With our unique program, you can recover safely and work towards sustaining your recovery after you leave. Withdrawal does not have to be a difficult or volatile process, and with our approach, you will find the easiest, swiftest, safest way to detox from alcohol, tailor-made just for you.

Would you like to know more about detox and recovery from alcohol? Please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +61 2 6684 4240 (Australia) or +1 310 220 0352 (USA).