How We Are Different from other Rehabs

The only truly individualised rehabilitation facility in the world.

The Bay offers the most truly individualised care you will find anywhere in the world. From the start, you are assessed on your own unique qualities, your strengths, and challenges. Then a specifically tailored, flexible, therapeutic program is developed. This program is finely attuned to you, based on cutting-edge science, to take you where you need to go in your healing journey. Your program will evolve as you do.

You will have an experienced team of up to 20 people to care for you during your stay, each of them dedicated to your personal recovery and healing. We have developed our very own model of care, The Bay Approach™, a unique, trauma-informed approach which is at the heart of all of our treatment programs.

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Non-12 Step Treatment Program

At The Bay, we rely on evidence-based methods and use psychotherapy as the core of our treatment approach. We address the underlying issues that have led to your substance use in one-to-one treatment that engages your whole self, not just your problems.

Traditionally, the 12-Steps and 12-Step group approach is used in recovery programs. While this may certainly be helpful for some people, we have found that others experience the 12-Step work as unhelpful or even hindering to their recovery. We do not use the 12-Steps or group therapy at The Bay.

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3 How we're different

Trauma Informed Model of Care

At The Bay, we utilise a trauma-informed model of care. Trauma-informed care is a treatment framework that involves understanding, recognising, and responding to the trauma within the individual.

People will often use substances to cope with overwhelming feelings, however, removing those substances can cause the difficult feelings to rise to the surface. This is why simply detoxing from a substance is rarely effective. For successful on-going recovery, a trauma-informed approach that addresses the underlying issues is critical. 

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We create a uniquely healing and nurturing environment.

Our team is unified by the intention to create a transformative and nurturing space for total healing. This intention has arisen from our own personal experience with self-exploration and deep inner enquiry. Through this process, we have learned the value of embracing all the parts of ourselves - those that are easy to love and those that are not so easy. This experience is at the heart of The Bay and creates an inspired and unique healing environment, greater than the sum of its parts. 

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The Bay Approach™

The Bay Approach™ is a unique method of healing and recovery built on the therapeutic pillars of awareness, meditation, and connection. Engaging these elements, you are gently guided toward sustainable wellness.

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We offer a realistic approach to change.

We understand that you will take your own time to heal and that healing often occurs in stages. While you will experience profound changes and transformation during your program, we don't assume that a few weeks in retreat is the complete solution. We acknowledge the long-term nature of full recovery and true rejuvenation, and are committed to supporting you throughout your journey.

Our Collaborative Care Program keeps your familiar practitioners involved in your progress during your stay and ensures a smooth transition as you return home. If you choose, our comprehensive aftercare planning can provide full support for your ongoing recovery.

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The Bay offers flexible levels of luxury.

At The Bay, we are committed to offering whatever it is you need to support your healing journey, in the best possible way. With this aim in mind, we provide a luxury individual retreat package designed according to your specific preferences and based on availability. You choose the location for your retreat, level of luxury, length of stay, and work with your treatment team for the optimal treatment program for you.

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We are committed to professional excellence.

All of our team members are engaged in continual training and development to ensure global best practice standards create the foundation of your program. This excellence is delivered within the context of compassionate understanding for your rehabilitation journey.

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We provide you with access to a global network of support.

The Bay is connected to a network of like-minded practitioners and therapists around the world. When your program with us is complete, we offer you a coordinated individual After Care plan to support your sustainable recovery.


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