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Private Rehab Centers

Holistic & Private Rehab Centers

Welcome to The Bay, definitely one of the most unique addiction and depression rehabilitation centres you're likely to find anywhere in the world. Yes, anywhere!

The Ultimate in Privacy

With one discretely located house per client you can't get more private than this and because we use a range of different luxury houses as opposed to a fixed multi-client establishment found at other luxury rehab facilities, your location while here can never be identified by the public.

Luxury You've Come to Expect

Our beach-front villas and hinterland estates in Byron Bay, Australia offer a residence that's perfect for you. All therapies and therapeutic staff come to you personally, and your program is assessed and adjusted daily to suit your needs and references.

It's All About You

While you're with us at The Bay, our focus is completely on you and your recovery from addiction or depression. Unlike most other private rehab centers, this means you are the only client in residence and our entire team is dedicated to your recovery.

Your program provides daily one-to-one therapy sessions which are complimented by relaxation sessions and holistic activities such as massage, yoga, beach walks and more. While our programs are structured, there is also a lot of flexibility to cater for your particular preferences.

So What Can We Do For You?

Maybe you've realised it's time to address your substance dependence or personal depression and you're looking for a detox rehabilitation facility that will treat you with the compassionate care you need. Or perhaps you've received an upsetting diagnosis and need some restful time to digest the news and get therapeutic support through a clinic# that can help you deal with the adjustment.

Whether you are dealing with substance abuse or combating stress, we can create a program specifically for you. What's more, we can do so at short notice.

We provide assistance for detox and rehab for alcohol and drug issues, stress, depression and anxiety, relationship difficulties, medical detox, illness and diagnosis recovery and many other life challenges.

Want to know more about our programs? Call us now.
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"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Anais Nin

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