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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery

"The driving force and root cause of addictive behaviour [is] the addict's unrecognized and unmet spiritual need.
In order to heal addiction at its source this natural and unmet spiritual need must be responded to and satisfied in an appropriate and authentic manner."*

The Bay Approach™ to rehabilitation has been developed to meet our search for wholeness. Once you have accessed an inner peace and sense of fulfilment, drugs, alcohol or other dependencies that once served a purpose, are no longer practical coping strategies.

By partaking in our integrated approach of evidence-based western psychology with ancient eastern wisdom you can start to develop a deep understanding of your own psyche, a crucial step on your path to change. Compared to other drug and alcohol rehab programs our holistic approach makes for a unique and sustainable rehabilitation experience.

Is Addiction Running Your Life?

Have you ever considered that your drug or alcohol dependency may be a destructive pattern brought about by your creative attempts to adapt and survive in the face of life events?

Addictive patterns are often our way of trying to avoid something painful that's happening in our lives, and more often is our way of avoiding subconscious and painful impressions from our past, usually our childhood. It can be anything from self-consciousness in social situations when everyone else seems to be relaxed, to the anguish of a traumatic memory, or the soothing of a feeling of loneliness, depression and more.

Fortunately our experience has been that dependencies are not necessarily embedded for life and the same creativity that adapted to help us survive can also adapt to help us change.

The Secret of Meditation in Addiction Treatment

Meditation changes the brain and the body!** So say increasing numbers of studies supporting meditation’s effectiveness in treating emotional imbalances. Importantly for you, medical studies are showing the power of meditation in decreasing substance use and relapse both alone and in combination with clinical treatments.

What this means is that negative qualities you might think are fixed in place can actually be altered significantly. By training your mind through mindfulness meditation you can create new thought patterns that lead to a healthy inner balance.

Here at The Bay our therapists have a strong background in meditation practice. Radha Nicholson (clinical director) is a Registered Psychologist and Buddhist Insight Teacher. Brendan Healey has trained under the traditional Taoist Order and been a Vipassana meditator. Not only that but most of our staff have some form of meditative practice in their lives. This base of experience creates a conducive field for healing and understanding.


* Dr Elliott S. Dacher, M.D. on Carl Jung's understanding of addiction. (http://www.elliottdacher.org/addictive-disorders-and-contemplative-practice.html)

** Richard J. Davidson and Antoine Lutz, Buddha’s Brain: Neuroplasticity and Meditation, IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING MAGAZINE[176] SEPTEMBER 2007

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