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Private Rehab Centers

Programs Overview

The key elements of your program are:

Privacy and Confidentiality

The structure and location of our retreats ensure complete privacy and confidentiality for your peace of mind.

Intensive Multi-Modal Therapy

With comprehensive and ongoing assessment, our clinical director develops your optimal treatment plan. This will reflect your needs and preferences and the varying levels of intensity you require. Your program is flexible and evolves with you.

We draw from a large pool of therapists, specialising in both Eastern and Western healing traditions, including but not limited to: doctors, specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses, acupuncturists, meditation teachers, naturopaths, cranio-sacral therapists, bodyworkers, chi kung and yoga instructors, art therapists, personal trainers, personal chefs and support staff.

One-to-One Care

There is no group therapy at The Bay. Your therapists and other healing practitioners come to you. This discreet and highly individual treatment allows for deep exploration that is totally relevant to you and your particular life circumstances.

Luxury Environment

At The Bay, all your needs and comforts are fully attended to so you don't have to think about anything other than your healing. You will be housed in your own luxury accommodation and provided with a personal chef and 24-hour care. This structure creates a safe sanctuary, allowing deeper healing to take place.

Family Support

Family and support networks can pay a crucial role in your healing. The Bay can provide support and education for people who are significant in your life, making your transition home as smooth as possible.

Comprehensive After Care

The Bay understands that healing may happen in stages. Your intensive retreat may be the first stage of your healing journey with us, however your process continues after you leave the program. For as long as it is required, The Bay can continue to provide you with support.

Your Program

Throughout your retreat, you are immersed in a total healing environment where the treatment team is unified in its intention for your wellbeing. This dynamic and wholistic program takes place in your private accomodation, with all your meals prepared as you like them. Your personal carer provides sensitive and discerning support, with space as you require.

At The Bay, your treatment program is completely tailored to your needs and will incorporate a comprehensive range of therapeutic modalities relevant to your personal treatment plan.

If you would like more detailed information about how your retreat may look please contact our Clinical Director by email or telephone +61 2 6684 4240.

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