Mental Health Retreats

At The Bay, we provide confidential, single-client mental health retreats for people living with psychological challenges, from depression and anxiety through to stress and trauma. We work with you to build a tailored treatment program specific to your needs, addressing all of who you are, so that you can return to living a happier and more balanced life.

The Therapeutic Elements of Your Tailored Mental Health Retreat

Our mental health retreats incorporate:

Various psychological therapies will be employed during your private therapeutic retreat to address the issues that are affecting your mental health. Therapeutic modalities offered at The Bay include cognitive and behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and humanistic therapy.

Your personalised treatment team will consist of therapists, allied health practitioners, medical staff and carers, all aligned in their commitment to your health and well-being. Holistic methods like acupuncture, naturopathy, meditation and mindfulness practice, yoga, tai chi and chi kung, and massage may be introduced to your program. Your treatment plan will include the combination of therapeutic practices that work best for you, meeting your specific treatment needs and preferences.

As your needs change, your program can change as well. In order for you to receive the best possible results, we will continually assess your program, which will be adapted and changed to reflect your progress.

As with all of The Bay's retreats, your mental health retreat will take place in a private, luxury residence, just for you, in the beautiful Byron Bay region. All therapies and services will come to you. With our exclusive one-to-one care, your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed. Our team offers respectful, warm and professional care, 24/7. All you need to do is relax and focus on your healing.

Your Retreat is as Individual as You Are

No two people have the same life experiences, which is why we believe no two mental health retreats should be exactly alike. Your personal treatment and recovery process will be mapped out when you arrive at The Bay, by a team of medical and therapeutic specialists that have been hand-chosen to meet your personal treatment needs and preferences. You are considered to be an integral part of the team; the ethos is one of respecting the path that has lead you to where you are now and the decisions that you can make for your future.

For the length of your stay, all practitioners and caregivers, even your personal chef, will come to your residence on a pre-arranged schedule, providing you with a complete, one-to-one, integrative treatment experience, without needing to leave the comfort of your familiar retreat environment.

We’re here to help you reconnect with yourself again, to help you work through unresolved conflicts and old traumas, while at the same time working towards a healthier way of being. When it is time to leave us, you will take with you a wealth of new knowledge, self-awareness, and tools to support you in your continued growth.


If you would like to know more about a mental health retreat at The Bay, please contact us on +61 2 6684 4240 (Australia) or +1 310 220 0352 (USA), or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..