The Bay Experience.


Recovery from addiction & mental health issues

Driven by innovation and excellence for 15 years in the treatment of alcohol, substance use and mental health conditions, The Bay in Byron Bay is a sought-after destination for those seeking successful recovery from addiction and mental health issues.


Prioritising your wellbeing

Our qualified and certified thought-leaders in the area of alcohol and drug addiction and mental health offer global clients the very best in healthcare, delivered in the comfort of five-star surroundings in a premium destination.

We prioritise well-being, providing every client with the silver service and results they deserve, from first contact until after their stay ends.


An alternative to hospital

The Bay is a genuine alternative to private hospitals, allowing discerning clients to recover in complete comfort while receiving personally tailored treatment plans that prioritise their needs and their privacy.

Many people who join the The Bay program have been in a group environment previously and have chosen not to return to that environment for a variety of reasons.

Whether it be private treatment centres or private hospitals, our guests felt that their needs were regularly compromised because of the competing needs of a high number of clients in a group environment.

Other reasons people choose not to attend a private treatment centre or hospital vary from being unable to sleep, having to attend group sessions, or being in a group with individuals experiencing complex mental health conditions, and finding these individuals deplete the resources of the facility and the staff.

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Drug & Alcohol addiction

The Bay team considers an alcohol or drug dependence an attempt to adapt and survive in the face of challenging life events. Fortunately, our experience at The Bay has been that substance dependencies are not necessarily embedded for life; the same creativity that adapted behavior that helped you survive can also adapt to help you change.

By taking part in our holistic approach of evidence-based Western psychology, alongside Eastern mindfulness techniques, you can start to develop a clearer understanding of your reasons for adopting coping strategies that are no longer practical in your life. The focus on an awareness of ‘self,’ along with The Bay’s holistic ‘whole person’ approach, leads you to a healthier mindset and more sustainable long-term recovery.
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What our guests say

I have attended other programs and felt overlooked due to the needs of the more complex clients that were in the program. At The Bay I was the focus of the team and gained a far greater understanding of my situation and was able to make the changes required to live the life I desperately wanted.

The compassion shown to me by the incredible team at the bay has taught me to set boundaries with others, allowed me to re-align my expectations of myself and others and finally live the life I have been craving for many years.”

My wife found The Bay after doing a lot of research looking at programs all over the world. Treatment centres here in the US are very different! My life has changed in so many ways and I continue to stay clean and sober, thank you for all you have done.

The team at The Bay gave me a second chance at life, I was so very sick and although I went to a number of treatment centres I couldn't find a way through, what the wonderful team at The Bay did for me is nothing short of a miracle, thank you.

Having a psychology background I was very particular about what I was looking for, I didn't want group therapy because I was at a point where I knew I needed individual therapy, for me it was a very private process, I needed somewhere that was private and peaceful, it has been five months since I left The Bay, it has changed my life.

I have been in treatment before but couldn't seem to achieve the changes I wanted. The compassion shown to me by the incredible team at The Bay has taught me to set boundaries with others, allowed me to re-align my expectations of myself and others and finally live the life I have been craving for many years.

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